My 2020: COVID goes from bad to worse

The main event this year was COVID19, the global pandemic that made everyone work from home, and businesses lock down. I am thankful to have not caught COVID19, nor to know anyone who has gotten it. 

Outside of COVID19 it was a yearly largely focused on the learning of electronics board design, and electronics manufacturing. An image of the board that I made can be found below, along with the end product that the board went into. These boards are cellular enabled and can control a wide variety of devices ranging from turnstiles to door strikes. We have been selling quite a few of them at myComply.
The cellular doesn't work where we live, so for the first few units I had to drive 3 hours to the nearest town and test them in the back of my Jeep. Got some strange looks and can totally understand why 🤣
Testing device in jeep
One of the things that they most commonly control is a turnstile. This is an example of them loaded on a truck with a bunch of turnstiles.

This is what my desk looked like this year. The Aerogardens grew flowers, which are a treat in the winter time.
Desk View

Jordan's parents got a new puppy named Dave, but we all call him Davie
Davie Picture

Jordan took this year off to write her book, and she finished it. There were a lot of good times in the journey, but my favorite is when she rented a cabin on AirBnB. This cabin had no heat, and it was FREEZING 🥶 outside.
Writers cabin

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